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Children's Blog

The Playway - A Parental Lifesaver

School is back in session and summer road trips are behind us, but just when the flashbacks of bored toddlers and smug tweens screaming “are we there yet?!” from the backseat have started to fade, lurking just around the corner are a whole new set of family road trips. Thanksgiving. Christmas. Easter. Spring Break. Parents, I’m talking to you! For those of you that can’t possibly bear listening to anymore kiddie CD’s, like the soundtrack to Season One of Jack’s Big Music Show or Best of the Laurie Berkner Band, have I got a lifesaver for you! Don’t get me wrong, those are some great children’s music CD’s, and some of the least annoying ones I have come across. I really do enjoy listening to them both, but not for 8 hours straight on the way to Auntie's house. For those of you who want something just a little different, let me introduce you to a precious little product called The Playaway.


Playaway View and Playaway Audio

There are two versions, Playaway View and Playaway audio.* Today I’ll be talking about the View, but be on the look-out for my review of the Playaway Audio in the near future. The Playaway View is a pre-loaded video player that is small enough for the tiniest hands and durable enough for the clumsiest toddler….scratch resistant screens!

These products are exclusively available for check-out to library patrons so you won’t see them anywhere else. These little gems are amazing! My two-year-old daughter took an instant liking to them the first time I put one into her tiny hands, and so did I. They are like instant silencing machines, mesmerizing even the grumpiest of grumps.

My daughter, patiently awaiting a flu shot.


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