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Announcing Shreve Memorial Library's Digital Collections!

anniversarycoverDid you know that the library opened in 1923 and was originally located around the corner on Edwards Street? Or that we once had a cat named Encyclopedia and named all of her kittens Britannica? Want to see who the very first people to sign up for library cards were? Or what now-forgotten books were popular in the 1950s? We've started our first digital collection with library scrapbooks!

For a start, we have three scrapbooks and the library's first register. One scrapbook includes photos and newspaper articles about the library's 50th anniversary celebration. The next mostly contains library-related newspaper articles from around 1925, including book reviews. The final one also has a lot of newspaper articles, but keep an eye out for several editions of a hilarious internal newsletter called Chop Suey. The register is a handwritten record of the first 2000 people to sign up for a library card, beginning with the mayor and the library board.

Take your time and look through this fascinating window into the past! It's online and available from anywhere: you don't have to be at the library! There are even links to share your favorite images to social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

This collection of scrapbooks is only the beginning of Shreve Memorial Library's Digital Collection! Check it out today, then keep coming back to watch it expand with all kinds of fascinating material!

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