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Who's a Whovian?

Whovian*: a fan of Doctor Who. An uberfan of Doctor Who? A fan of the Doctor? A fan of Doctor Who the show? A fan of all things, people, places, and times that may be related by almost any connection to the Doctor, who, quite possibly, has touched the things, people, places, and times? And, yes, it is possible to touch a time by existing in it...right?

Am I a Whovian? I have asked myself in the past. It’s almost like asking myself if I’m a Trekker, but not quite. In both cases, I’d have to say I am a fan and a rather avid watcher, yet I don’t own any related merchandise. Surprisingly, I don’t even own DVD copies of any shows in either franchise. I will say I get excited when I know a new season is coming out of Doctor Who, and in case you were wondering, I am indeed very excited to see the newest Star Trek movie, if it ever gets here.




So, why, oh, why am I going on about Doctor Who? Because it is fantastic, brilliant, and cool. I got caught up with the Doctor not from the very beginning, seeing as the character and his companions have been moving and shaking in some form of media since 1963, but from the emergence of the Ninth Doctor on mainstream American TV on the then SciFi Channel. The Doctor, in his leather jacket and biker boots, wasn’t what I expected; he was ready to face any adventure, yet ,despite his rough exterior with all its leather and denim, he was able to right wrongs using cunning and science and, yes, even heart. He was the alien I’d been waiting for.

I was hooked from that first episode, and have since hunted down other Doctor Who media, not yet quite foraging into the realm of radio (the Doctor and his companions are even on the radio!). I have trekked – ha! – back into the Doctor’s past and watched what episodes and tv specials I could, seeing the Doctor’s previous incarnations and trying to decide, unsuccessfully, which one was my favorite. I’ve poured over the Doctor Who comics and have discussed what this or that action or event might mean in the grand scheme of things. I’ve giggled softly when there are some wonderful call backs to previous episodes and events.

Oh, just in case you’re wondering who the Doctor is, I can only tell you what I’ve learned from watching and reading. He’s a Timelord of Gallifrey, and he is the last of his kind. He travels through time and space, protecting people who need it, usually his companions and the Earth. He is old and getting older, at least on the inside, and he cares more about everything than most would think possible. He’s not perfect and can get very angry, bordering on cruel, and at times, he can even be a little snotty, arrogant, and annoying. Yet, I watch him still.

I watch the companions just as much as the Doctor, for it is through them we see who the Doctor is. We see how he cares and how he loves; we see his humor and his pain. Plus, some of them are pretty awesome all on their own. Just like people may have a favorite doctor, people have a favorite companion; I do actually have a few myself.

Now, here is where I dare you, challenge you, maybe nudge you a little, my fearless and undaunted reader – for you are fearless and undaunted to have gotten this far – to try that first episode like I did, and see who just is the Doctor. Might I suggest you start your journey here!

*Not to be confused with the Whos in Whoville who suffered at the hands of the Grinch or would have been lost had Horton not heard them.

How do I...

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