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The skies, they are a-falling

Space, the final frontier. These are not the voyages of a particular Constitution or Galaxy class starship. Not even the voyages of Firefly class ship. Nope, and if you get any of those references, silver stars to you. In truth, I’m not talking about going to space but space coming to us. To Earth.

Recently I got to go to my first ever festival/con/whatnot. Technically it’s a festival, and it was for one of my favorite things – TV! I brought my mom along because I’m just that kind of gal, and she was somewhat interested in the whole adventure. That was until a particular show had a viewing and panel. Mom fangirls; I’m talking little squealing glee with the squinched up arms in miniature flailing mode (think Kermit the Frog post announcing the guest on a more constricted scale). She was so very happy and excited; funny thing, it’s for a show by all rights I should be interested in. I should be, if I were given to it, fangirling right along with her.

Now, I can’t say the writing’s bad. It isn’t. I can’t say the effects are bad; they aren’t.   The acting is pretty darn good. So, that’s not a problem.

It’s about aliens and their taking over the Earth. They want it; they attack it, and they use humans for slave labor, like any alien would. I wouldn’t say they’re smart aliens because anyone who’s seen anything about humans we do tend to revolt, unless the alien has plans to serve man (‘nother star if you get that one). The humans fight back, but it’s not a perfect rebellion. In fact, it’s grimy, dirty, hard fought, barely won – or not won at all. This is a fight, and this particular fight is now going into its third season, which means it’s a pretty darn good fight. Yet, it doesn’t click with me.

No, it clicks with the woman who raised me. The woman who started me on my way to space adventures, mutants, and superheroes. The one who let me dabble in the macabre, the undead, and the night creatures when they just didn’t speak with her. So, there’s got to be something to this show.

It’s not Earth Final Conflict (humans aren’t exactly in such dire straits or that aware), V (again, pre-all out rebellion by the humans, mostly), or even Spaced Invaders (not a tv show!). The show I’m talking about that made my mother get so adorably excited was and is Falling Skies.

Noah Wylie takes a turn at the action-y good guy stuck in some very tough situations, a nice turn from the action-y camp in the Librarian series (oddly, I have seen all of those). Wylie’s character has three boys, each dealing with the aliens in different ways, including abduction and destruction, or being abducted and destructed(?). The show doesn’t focus solely on Wylie’s character, and it does bring in some really great actors and stories, creating a decent alien-war-survivor drama.

Yet, it’s just not my show. So, why bring it up at all? Because sometimes it’s not about my things; sometimes it’s about others’…things – in this case, one of my mom’s favorite shows. Maybe it’ll be yours; give it a try.

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