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Lord of the Flies

Lord of the Flies

Lord of the Flies was written by William Golding. This book was definitely Golding’s best book, and while it didn’t receive a lot of praise during its first years of being sold, people progressively started to open up to it as time passed by. Here is one random fact of the book: Lord of the Flies has been put on the banned book list a number of times and reason why you’ll find out while reading the review.

I see Lord of the Flies as one of the best parallel and allegory novels, as it has a clear and well understood plot that is quickly gravitates toward the reader, but within the plot contains an inward suggestion of human nature. The story takes pace during World War I, I believe. A group of British Boys are on an island without adult supervision to protect them, because while being escorted to a safe place on an airplane they were shot down by enemy forces. And being innately literal readers, we guess that the story is about the boys survival until rescue. We are correct. Without adults to manage their behavior, the British boys have to cope on their own. They have to get together, make shelters, make fires to summon rescue, hunt pigs for food, and establish rules and elections as to who will be in charge. Being boys in age from 6 to 12, they also want to have fun!

However, although the boys by themselves have fairly put together governmental stability, things go askew. We are introduced to a character who has the intent to kill, the leaders of the boys argue on rescue vs. hunting, and fear of a beast. Now before I give away the events of the book I wish to collaborate on my thoughts and feelings for Lord of the Flies. After reading the book, I began to question how much we as people really value morals and ethnics. We hear them and appreciate them, but we wouldn’t mind breaking them for our own desires. I also question human democracy. People continually beg governments for democracy and freedom. But by reading Lord of the Flies I found out that our wish for freedom does not involve or promote good and love.

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