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Sitting on the couch, a man in his fifties laughs as a couple in their late twenties tries to find themselves. He watches a guy, a gal, and a dog live in an apartment together. Said guy and gal are pretending to be an actual loving couple, so that they can live in said apartment. Guy wants desperately to write and draw comics of the X-men and Batman variety, maybe with a few zombies thrown in, and gal wants nothing more than to find a nice bloke and maybe a good time along the way. Guy comes with a best friend who takes his time in Rough Ramblers very seriously; girl comes with a self-absorbed fashionista wannabe, and the apartment building comes with a boozy, lonely, demanding landlady and a slightly mixed up artist. The fifty-plus year old man is hooked by the first episode and decides he must see all 14 episodes of the show’s run.


Movie Review: Melancholia

melancholiaOooooh, you have to see this movie. It's the most beautiful movie I've seen in a long time. The cinematography is amaaaazing. Melancholia had me entranced from the beginning.

Two major things are happening here: Justine's (Kirsten Dunst) marriage is falling apart, and she has a difficult relationship with her sister, Claire (Charlotte Gainsbourg). AND there's a newly discovered planet that's been hiding behind the moon, and it's hurtling toward the earth, about to end life as we know it. The film is in two parts: The first shows Justine's wedding and her breakdown during the reception. There's little mention of the planet. The second part focuses on Justine's relationship with Claire and the former's mental recovery. And the Impending Doom.

That summary does not do justice to this movie. Remember, I'm a book person (and I checked: sadly, Melancholia isn't based on a book). It's a visual experience (speaking of visual, I'll warn you that there's some tasteful nudity). While the acting is superb, the cinematography outshines it. And the end! I was sobbing at the end! Really, it's soooo good.

Check it out!

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