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Learning a few...

More BBC action, actually, it really is action-ish.

So, I trolled through the catalog looking for BBC produced shows that I might not have seen or even be aware of, and low and behold, there was one. Oh, it’s not Downton Abbey; although, that does have some action. And, no, it’s not one of the Doctor Who spin-offs; again, action is present. This is actually something in the somewhat here and somewhat now: New Tricks.

During a high profile bust, a well-respected Det. Supt. Sandra Pullman (Amanda Redman) shoots the wrong dog; actually, it wouldn’t matter if it was the right or the wrong dog. She shot a dog, becoming the focus of some very bad press. To find her way back into the good graces and possible back on track to a more prestigious career, the detective takes on a project that is expected to be a very lost cause.

She heads a team of consultants containing three older and retired inspectors, who each have personal issues:

  • Gerry Standing (Dennis Waterman) – a man with three wives and possibly looking for one more, or maybe just a good time.
  • Brian Lane (Alun Armstrong) – a fellow trying to free himself from the past and to regain his good name.
  • Jack Halford (James Bolam) – a recent widower and Sandra’s old boss and mentor, Sandra’s new employee.

The team is created to handle cold cases and hopefully drum up good press for the local police department. It’s a long shot, but somehow our new team with all its personal and professional baggage begins to solve old cases and get a few new ones. Whatever the cases it is usually one deemed beyond or beneath the “normal” police’s scope.

The title of the series has the obvious meaning of “Teaching old dog new tricks,” the old dogs being the three retired detectives turned consultants. They learn new technology and procedures, but they aren’t the only ones learning new tricks. Sandra learns more than a few tricks from the old guard police detectives; sure, those tricks seem outdated, but they work. While they solve cases, they also begin to deal with their baggage, bit by bit, helping each other out and growing.

This is a long-ish running show, starting in 2003, so there’s a good bit to see. Unlike some BBC shows that are either new, short lives, or just plain short. After the first series (season), the series run for about eight to ten episodes. So, it’s not too short, and it’s not too long. Then again, for me that’s just enough to get interest and still want more without wondering when will it ever end? Though, if I’m wondering that, I probably shouldn’t be watching.

So, take a peek at this group of interesting characters who solve crimes and life problems, as well as give a giggle on more than one occasion. Why not start here with the first series?



Who's a Whovian?

Whovian*: a fan of Doctor Who. An uberfan of Doctor Who? A fan of the Doctor? A fan of Doctor Who the show? A fan of all things, people, places, and times that may be related by almost any connection to the Doctor, who, quite possibly, has touched the things, people, places, and times? And, yes, it is possible to touch a time by existing in it...right?

Am I a Whovian? I have asked myself in the past. It’s almost like asking myself if I’m a Trekker, but not quite. In both cases, I’d have to say I am a fan and a rather avid watcher, yet I don’t own any related merchandise. Surprisingly, I don’t even own DVD copies of any shows in either franchise. I will say I get excited when I know a new season is coming out of Doctor Who, and in case you were wondering, I am indeed very excited to see the newest Star Trek movie, if it ever gets here.

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