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Music Review: The Beast in Its Tracks by Josh Ritter

 Artist: Josh Ritter

 Title: The Beast in Its Tracks

Pytheas Recordings, March 2013

“I can’t pretend that all is well.  It’s like I’m haunted by a ghost.  There are times I cannot speak your name for the catching in my throat.  There are things I will not sing for the sting of sour notes.”  - Josh Ritter, "New Lover" 

The Beast in Its Tracks serves as singer-songwriter Josh Ritter’s response to his divorce from musician, Dawn Landes.  Ritter displays humor, anger, and warmth as he honestly processes his experiences and emotions through song. The result is an extremely intimate and rewarding album.

I was first introduced to Josh Ritter’s music by checking out one of his CDs from the library. Luckily, Shreve Memorial Library now offers three opportunities to explore the music of Josh Ritter. The Beast in Its Tracks and 2010’s So Runs the World Away are available for checkout. My favorite tracks from these albums include “New Lover” and “Joy to You Baby” from The Beast in Its Tracks and “The Curse” (possibly the greatest love song between an archaeologist and a mummy that you will ever hear) from So Runs the World Away. You can also download 2007’s The Historical Conquests of Josh Ritter from SML’s new music service – Freegal.

Josh Ritter and The Royal City Band will be performing in Baton Rouge on Sunday, June 30th and New Orleans on Monday, July 1st.    

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