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Mythbusters: Frankenstein Edition

            First off, I want to get a few things straight from the door. Over the years many myths about Mary Shelley's Frankenstein have surfaced. If you are reading this pay attention closely, if you have not read Frankenstein and think you know the whole story you need to think again. You have been lied to. So being the saint that I am, I will dispell all these myths painlessly. Since I'm feeling extra nice today, I will list them for you in order not to blow your mind.


1. First and foremost, Frankenstein is the name of the monster's creator. Frankenstein is NOT the monster, I repeat Frankenstein is NOT the monster.

Pictured: not Frankenstein.

2. You might think that the monster is quite stupid, but their are many passages in the book to prove other wise. The monster is highly intelligent, and is able to learn and speak multiple languages. He is capable of having meanigful and intelligent converstaions. This is racist on hollywood's part, wait that wouldn't be racist it would be monsterist (yes I am aware that it is not a word).  Hollywood and the like would have you to think that if you conversed with the monster the conversation would go a lot like this:

           You: So do you get out often?

            Frankenstein's Monster: Uh,Uh, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh.

            You: so is that a "yes" or a "no"

            Frankenstein's Monster:(Angrier) aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh, ugh, ugh

            You: Please don't eat me! *panicked*

            Frankenstein: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh!Ugh! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh!



3. I bet you thought that Frankenstein's Monster was some grungy slow poke, didn't you. Well if you did, then you are wrong. The monster is described as being incredibly fast, faster than any man.

4. What about the Igor that was the mad scientist's assistsant? News flash, there was no igor. The whole igor thing sprung about in the popular Frankenstein movies. I belive that the movies may have derived this character from the foolish hunchbacked Italian stock character named Pulcinella from the Commedia Dell' Arte. There was no one there to say "yes master". Frankenstein was all by his lonesome, when creating the monster.

Nobody loves me :(

5. Victor Frankenstein aka the Monster's creator is Not some lonely, old, insane, decrepid man, well you might be right about the crazy part. Victor starts off in the novel as a young college student who is surrounded by family and friends. It is not until later in the book that he becomes lonely and isolated.He conducts the experiment to create the Monster at the tender age of 22 ( eh, not bad for a college kid).

  Now that you have been officially schooled on Frankenstein, I invite you take the liberty of reading the book for yourself. This book is short and sweet, it is perfect for any teen or adult looking to find a way outy of boredom. As you read, see if you can find afew more misconceptions abut the novel not listed hear.

How do I...

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