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Why We Broke Up

Love seems to be most acceptable lately when the characters that are in love are supernatural or paranormal, but sometimes true love needs to be wrapped up in realism, awkwardness and nearly unbearable heartache. So at first glance a title like Why We Broke Up by Daniel Handler would be a no brainer pick for a cry- along: let’s face it, we broke up , and if there’s an explanation worth writing, it will certainly have some detailed explanations about the awful things leading to the demise of the relationship- right? Perhaps. Min Green, our narrator is a sixteen year old foodie who enjoys classic films and obscure blues music. When she breaks up with Ed Slaterton , the Co-Captain of their high school basketball team, she packs every memento of their relationship into a box, and writes a letter explaining what each object is and how it plays into why they broke up. She then drops the box off on his front doorstep. It’s not all bad: Ed and Min had a pretty good thing going there for a while. Maybe it wasn’t meant to be, but the story of why they broke up is beautifully interwoven with why they got together in the first place. Each object in the box receives a beautiful full page illustration by Maira Kalman. 
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