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The Alchemyst at a glance

I personally have read half the series and it has me hooked because of the great historical fiction/fantasy mix. Alchemyst is a book by Michael Scott that challenges everything we were taught as children. It begins with the day book of one Nicholas Flamel who is said to be immortal. From there we meet the twins, Josh and Sophie Newman and the evil Dr. John Dee as the twins and Nicholas try to escape him. As they travel the twins begin to learn and unleash their own hidden potential while Nicholas trains them in Magic. It is a fast-paced story that will keep you guessing until the very end of the series. It is a great book filled with historical figures and  legendary creatures & beings from beyond the limits of our imagination and our darkest nightmares. One of the historical figures mentioned in the book is Dr. John Dee a real-life mathematician who served in Queen Elizabeth I's court, he also was the original 007 because he signed his namee with 007 meaning he was Queen Elizabeth's eyes.

October Sky



October Sky/Rocket Boys is a book by Homer Hickam Jr. telling the story of how he and his friends shook Coalwood's foundation by exceeding the boundaries of their culture and  their believed potential. It's a true story of a NASA engineer's childhood in Coalwood, West Virginia where becoming anything other than a miner was out of this world. Now that this book is an award winning movie by Universal Pictures some people don't read the book. I strongly encourage you to read it because movies have never included everything from a book and this book and its movie are no exception.

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