Book a Meeting/Study Room

Meeting/Study Room Policy

All full-time branches of Shreve Memorial Library have meeting rooms, and some also have study rooms. These rooms are available for public use, and you can reserve them for studying, informal meetings, seminars, workshops, presentations, and forums.

All meetings held in these rooms must be free and open to the public, and must be promoted in the media as such. Private parties or events, such as wedding or baby showers, are prohibited.

You must complete a reservation form to book a meeting/study room and have a signed agreement form on file at the branch where you are reserving a room. For more information, see the Meeting and Study Room Policy.

What Branches Have Meeting Rooms?

The following branches have meeting/study rooms. You can see what times/days are available by clicking on the rooms below. You can also contact the branch for meeting/study room availability.

The following part-time branches also have a meeting room you can reserve. Call or visit the branch to learn more about reserving these rooms.

  • Belcher-Wyche Branch (318-378-4567)
  • Mooringsport Branch (318-996-6720)
  • Rodessa Branch (318-223-4336)