Universal Digital Access

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Residents of Shreveport have the option of getting free internet thanks to a new initiative of the City of Shreveport and Shreve Memorial Library. “Universal Digital Access” is a new service to provide free Wi-Fi through the libraries using a newly developed city cellular network. The service will allow residents of Shreveport currently without home internet service to access the library’s Wi-Fi network from home.

Library patrons are able to check out a Universal Digital Access kit from select Shreve Memorial Library branches. Universal Digital Access kits allow residents within the cellular network coverage area to connect to the Shreve Memorial Library Wi-Fi service from home. Participants must have a Shreve Memorial Library card to check out a Universal Digital Access Kit. Kits will be checked out for a period of six months at a time.

Currently, the Universal Digital Access service is in beta testing and is expected to be available to the public beginning November 1, 2022. During the pilot phase, a limited number of Universal Digital Access kits will be available at the following Shreve Memorial Library branches, with plans to expand the service to other library branches in the future. Kits will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis at the following branches:

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How Do Know If I Live In The Coverage Area?

To find out if you live within the coverage zone, https://smartinternet.shreveportla.gov/ and input your address into the form. The website will then determine whether your address falls within the coverage zone. If so, the site will advise you to visit the Shreve Memorial Library branch to obtain a Universal Digital Access kit.

Frequently Asked Questions:

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