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Patrons are able to book a meeting room at Broadmoor Branch. Below you will see that Broadmoor has a Meeting Room and two Study Rooms available for public use. Before you are able to book a meeting room, you must have a policy form on file at that branch of the library.

If you have a meeting room form on file, you can create an account on our website and request a meeting room reservation. Just click on "View Subfacility" for the room you would like to reserve, scroll down to the room calendar, and click "Request Reservation." If your meeting room request is approved, you will receive a confirmation email. 

Please contact the branch if you have any questions about setting up a room reservation.

Shreve Memorial Library Meeting Room Policy

Broadmoor Meeting Room Policy Form


  1. Broadmoor Genealogy Area

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  2. Broadmoor Meeting Room

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  3. Broadmoor Reading Room

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  4. Broadmoor Study Room A

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  5. Broadmoor Study Room B

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  6. Broadmoor Study Room C

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  7. Broadmoor Tech Center

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  8. Broadmoor Youth Services Area

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  9. Broadmoor Youth Services Story Room

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