When can I inspect the documents?
The custodian must give all reasonable aid and comfort to the person desiring access to public records. The inspection must occur during regular business hours unless otherwise authorized by the custodian. If the requestor wishes to examine records outside of working hours, he may be required to provide advance payment for the custodian’s overtime pay. This arrangement will be made at the discretion of the custodian.

If a record is immediately available and is not actively in use, it must be presented upon request. If a record is not immediately available, it must be made available within three (3) days. If a record is absent from the office, the custodian must certify to the requestor the reason for the absence, current location, individual in possession of the record, and when it was removed from the care of the custodian. The certificate must include detailed answers to any questions posed by the applicant (LA RS 44:34).

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