Interlibrary Loan Services

What is interlibrary loan?

Though Shreve Memorial Library has a wonderful collection of books, movies, television shows and other materials, it is impossible for our library to have everything. If you are searching for something that Shreve Memorial Library does not own, you may be able to borrow the item from a partner library using our interlibrary loan service.

Who can borrow items through interlibrary loans?

Borrowers must be over the age of 18 and have an adult Shreve Memorial Library card. If you are a GreenGold cardholder, you must make interlibrary loan requests through your home library. Those under the age of 18 may have a parent or guardian make interlibrary loan requests on their behalf.

Patrons who have 20 physical items checked out on their card must return some items before they can make a request for an interlibrary loan. Patrons may only have 10 active interlibrary loan requests at a time. Patrons who are blocked may not make interlibrary loan requests.

Where do I make a request for an interlibrary loan?

Requests for interlibrary loan materials can be made in person by speaking to a staff member at any branch of the Shreve Memorial Library.

Patrons may make their own requests for interlibrary loan materials by logging in to LoanShark using their library card and PIN number, then searching for their item using the search bar at the top of the page. Please first check the library’s Enterprise catalog to ensure Shreve Memorial Library does not own a copy of the item you are looking for before placing an interlibrary loan request.

Patrons may also submit interlibrary loan requests online by logging into their account on the Enterprise catalog with their library card number and PIN, clicking on “Send a Request” at the top of the page, and then selecting “Interlibrary Loan” from the Request Type drop-down menu.

What types of items can be borrowed through interlibrary loan?

You can get almost anything through Interlibrary Loan, but some things are harder to locate and borrow. Dissertations and theses, rare books, and genealogical materials are sometimes unavailable or can take longer for us to find a willing lender. Not all lending partner libraries allow Shreve Memorial Library to borrow DVDs and CDs. International borrowing is not available.

Most of our lending partner libraries will not send materials that were published less than 6 months prior to the request date. If you are looking for a recently published item Shreve Memorial Library does not own, please speak to branch staff about completing a Suggestions for Purchase form, or fill one out yourself using the “Send a Request” form on the Enterprise catalog.

Materials that are available in the Shreve Memorial Library system should not be requested through interlibrary loan. However, you can request items that are lost or missing.

When can I expect to receive my interlibrary loan items?

Because we depend on our lending partner libraries to ship these items to us, it can take up to 2 or 3 weeks for Shreve Memorial Library to receive interlibrary loan materials. Once they have been received from the lender, they are processed by the Loans staff and then sent to the chosen pickup location the next business day.

Feel free to contact the Loans Department to ask about the status of your request. You can also check the status of all active interlibrary loan requests by logging in to LoanShark using your library card and PIN.

How long can I keep my interlibrary loan items?

All interlibrary loan items check out to patrons for 14 days.

There are no automatic renewals for interlibrary loan materials. If you would like a renewal on an interlibrary loan item, please contact the Loans Department to see if a renewal is possible. All renewals are at the lender’s discretion.

Who can I contact for more information?

If you have any questions or need any assistance with an interlibrary loan, please contact the Loans Department by phone at 318-226-5887 or by email at

The Loans Department hours are Monday to Friday, 8am to 4:30pm. The Loans Department is closed for all holidays when the Shreve Memorial Library branches are closed.