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Branch History
The Rodessa Branch Library opened in early August 1936.  It was sponsored by the Rodessa Lions Club and located in the Rodessa News building. Mrs. H. G. Knipp was the first librarian.  In May 1939, the branch was given a room of its own in one of the school buildings. In July 1941, the library moved into a building on Main Street provided rent-free by Mrs. C. S. Fairless.  By August 1942, a library newsletter reported that the library “had moved in the center of town and close to the Post Office.”  The branch continued its travels in July 1944, when it moved into a “building formerly occupied by Dr. Hendrick.”

Later the branch moved into the Rodessa Village Hall. The room occupied by the library was remodeled in 1973. In the summer of 1987, further improvements were made to the library and to the village hall. The library received new flooring and new blinds, and the woodwork was painted. The whole building received central air conditioning.

Shreve Memorial Library’s 1996 capital tax issue included a provision for the library to grant funds to each village or town with a part-time library branch so that the buildings could be remodeled or replaced. Rodessa Mayor Milton Hartsell applied for a grant on behalf of Rodessa and in January 2000 the Library Board awarded the village a grant of $65,400 for the renovation and $10,000 for shelving, equipment, and furniture. Library architecture consultant Denelle Wrightson of Phillips Swager Associates did preliminary space planning for a renovation and addition to the existing building. The library room was enlarged from 605 square feet to 838 square feet by adding on to the building. A new handicapped-accessible entrance to the village hall and library was created. Restrooms were remodeled to create an ADA-compliant handicapped restroom for the building. New lighting, carpeting, and central air and heat were added. Other improvements included a new roof, landscaping, and new signage. The remodeled library was opened to the public on February 5, 2001. A grand opening ceremony was held on March 10, 2001.

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