Exam Proctoring

Exam Proctoring Policy

Any Shreve Memorial Library location may offer proctoring of exams. However, the Library does not guarantee constant supervision. Staff will make periodic observations of the student while testing is in process. Study rooms are not available at all locations; therefore, students may be exposed to potentially loud situations.

Exams will be administered during the Library’s hours of operation. Since hours vary, advance arrangements are required. Therefore, please contact the location where the proctoring will take place.

The Library will meet the educational institution’s requirements as much as possible. Staff will verify the identity of the student by requiring presentation of a photo I.D. before the examination.

All proctor agreements will be completed and signed by the Branch Manager, Assistant Branch Manager and/or Department Head. The Librarian who administers the paperwork may not necessarily be the staff member who oversees the examination for the student. Staff members who are classified as Librarian, Library Associate, Library Specialist and/or Library Technician will proctor tests. Proctoring requests in the Resource Center branches (Broadmoor, Hamilton/South Caddo and Main) will be scheduled and administered by Information Services staff.

Prior to the test, staff will keep all associated documents, proctoring agreements, printed tests, user I.D.s, passwords, etc., in a folder labeled with the student’s name or the educational institution’s name (if proctoring for more than one student for the same institution). Folders will be kept in a place that is accessible by all staff designated to serve as proctor. Once the exam is completed, the Library will not retain any copies of the exam or other documentation. The Library will only retain those records associated with proctoring reservations in accordance with legal guidelines and the Library’s retention schedule.

The Library will proctor exams for students free of charge, regardless of whether the exam is on paper or online. The Library will not provide envelopes or postage to return materials to the testing institution. However, students are welcome to use the Library’s fax and copy services to transmit necessary materials at the standard cost. Completed exams which require mailing must include a postage paid envelope provided by the institution or student. The Library and its staff will not assume responsibility for completed exams that are not received by the educational institution.

Library staff cannot proctor online exams that require the installation of special software or modification of existing computer settings. Shreve Memorial Library Internet connectivity may be subject to limitations, delays, compatibility issues, and outages. Shreve Memorial Library is not responsible for any delays, delivery failures, data loss, or other damage resulting from such failures.

Student Responsibilities

  • The Library requires that arrangements for proctoring services be made in advance in person, by telephone or email at least 2 days before the test date.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to make sure that the Library receives all material before the exam and that the institution receives the exam upon completion.
  • Student should not bring children who require supervision.
  • Student must provide a photo I.D. for verification of identity before the exam begins.
  • Student should only bring items necessary for the exam, for example, pen, pencil, calculator (if permitted), books, notes (if permitted), and laptop (if permitted). The Library is not responsible for storing purses, book bags, cell phones, etc. during the exam.
  • Student may cancel or postpone proctoring prior to the exam deadline by contacting the Library.